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Why The Vault is the best TV show for Indian Entrepreneurs?

There is a start-up boom in our country. Everyone wants to be an entrepreneur. Every second guy thinks that he has the next million dollar idea. Many have now started pursuing their ideas and every month we get to hear which lucky start-ups got the

100 one plus 3t giveaway

Biggest giveaway: 100 Oneplus 3T to be won

Here is the mother of all giveaways! Most followed tech reviewer on YouTube, Marques Brownlee aka MKBHD last week announced that he is giving away 100 Oneplus 3T in association with Oneplus and dbrand Skins. a custom phone cover manufacturer. Image source Oneplus 3T, which


Amazing facts about Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Here are some interesting facts about the mesmerizing Andaman and Nicobar islands 1. History Formerly, there existed colonial rule. At the time of WW2, forthwith Japanese took over and established trade over the island. Post independence, they were included in the 7 Union Territories of


5 Interesting Facts About India that Indians are Unaware of

The Undefeated Champions: Indian Kabaddi Team It was only yesterday that the Indian Kabaddi team suffered a major upset. India started off their world cup campaign facing an untimely defeat against rivals South Korea. Many Indians are unaware of the fact that the Indian Kabaddi


The Godfather Returns, The Story of a Drug Kingpin El Chapo

If you are one of the biggest fans of the currently streaming NETFLIX TV series of NARCOS you may well be questioning what is next? Though considered as the most notorious drug trafficker, Pablo Escobar was recently surpassed by another all-time Spanish drug trafficker called


Get inspired by the story of Silver Medalist Deepa Malik

First of all, disability doesn’t mean that a person can’t do anything in his/her life. In the ongoing Rio Paralympics games, we all can see that one can do everything will hard work and determination.  Deepa Malik has won a silver medal in shot put

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