Why The Vault is the best TV show for Indian Entrepreneurs?

There is a start-up boom in our country. Everyone wants to be an entrepreneur. Every second guy thinks that he has the next million dollar idea. Many have now started pursuing their ideas and every month we get to hear which lucky start-ups got the funding. Funding is required by most start-ups to bring out a revolutionary product or scale their operations. Every entrepreneur now days is worried when the next funding will come and at what evaluation.


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Poster boys of Indian start-up scene like Sachin and Binny Bansal of Flipkart and Riteish Aggarwal of Oyo Rooms have fired the imagination of Indian youth.

Unfortunately there are hardly any television shows related to entrepreneurship that a general audience can watch. Though we have all kinds of dance, singing, daily soaps and reality shows but for entrepreneurship American Tv show, Shark Tank is the only one we can watch. Shark Tank is good with amazing judges/entrepreneurs with a lot of drama that makes it entertaining while we learn many aspects of funding. But Indians cannot relate to most of it as the situation in USA is quite different from India.

This makes The Vault one of the best entrepreneurship TV show.

The format

First the entrepreneurs have to give an introduction about their idea and only if the vault-keepers like the idea do the entrepreneurs get a chance to make a full pitch.

The entrepreneurs have to tell their requirements (how much money they need and what percentage of their company they are willing to give) and then they have to explain what their company does and convince the vault-keepers to invest money in their companies. The vault-keepers will question the various aspects of the company and if some of them are satisfied, they may give their offers. Sometimes, entrepreneurs receive multiple offers from different vault-keepers and then the entrepreneurs decide whose offer they will take. If none of the vault-keepers like the idea or are not satisfied after questioning, the entrepreneurs will have to walk away without an investment.

There are 5 vault keepers, who themselves are business owners in different industries.

The vault keepers are:

Rahul Singh (Founder & CEO of Beer Café)

Vivek Bhargava (CEO of IPROSPECT India, Dentsu Aegis Network)

Ameera Shah (Promoter, MD & CEO of Metropolis Healthcare Limited)

Sudip Bandyopadhyay (Group Chairman, Inditrade (JRG))

Mohit Goel (Promoter & CEO of Omaxe Ltd)


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Here are the reason why it is the best television show:

  • How to pitch your idea perfectly in front of investors when you are under so much stress? Also even when something goes wrong, how to continue instead of ruining everything.
  • What are all the question we need to be aware of? From the per unit cost, total revenues, profits, your USP, plan of action, expected revenue for next year etc.

  • How to negotiate with investors and how to keep a cool head when you are being bombarded with questions from all sides?
  • If your company is in the same sector, the advice that vault-keepers give may be applicable to you also.
  • If you’re thinking to be an entrepreneur, you get a little idea of some of the challenges you will face along your entrepreneurial journey.


Since the entrepreneurs are all Indian, you also get to learn some of the important problems with respect to India that the entrepreneurs are trying to solve and how they approached the problem.

Even if you do not plan to be an entrepreneur, you should watch this show as you get to learn many things.

Here is their YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZyTenOHwQnFgC36C6q_wOg

Follow them on Facebook for season 2 update here: https://www.facebook.com/TheVaultshow.in/



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