Cadbury – The story behind the Chocolaty World!!

Mondelez Internation solely owns Cadbury, the 2nd largest confectinary brand of the world since 2010. Kraft Foods was the original name of this American company.


  1. Origin:

John Cadbury

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In 1824, John Cadbury, a small businessman, started selling coffee, drinking chocolate and tea and incorporated cocoa and drinking chocolates gradually. He partnered with Benjamin, his brother and named the company, ‘Cadbury Brothers’.

  1. Continuing the league further, they opened an office in London and received the Royal Warrant as manufacturers of cocoa and chocolate to Queen Victoria in 1854.
  1. In 1866, the brothers brought about an improved cocoa in Britain. It was the launch of ‘Cadbury Cocoa Essence’, which brought about a breakthrough.


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  1. In 1905, Dairy Milk Bar was launched which had the highest proportion of milk among its competitors.

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  1. Cadbury has been a major weight bearer of the British war effort. Correspondingly, 2000 company employees joined Armed forces and provided its buildings, ‘The Beeches’ and ‘Fircoft’ to be used as hospitals.
  1. In due time, they offered areas of Bournville factory to facilitate war work which was used for building weapons.
  1. In contrast, a setback came to the company during World War II. The government restricted manufacturers from using fresh milk. Cadbury Dairy milk’s production stopped.


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  • Cadbury world employs 150 people and comprises of 14 zones exhibiting history and making of Cadbury. The 4 D Chocolate Adventure zone being the most popular one.


  • The Cadbury World logo features a Cocoa tree.


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  • Bournville train station, 57kg Easter eggs, chocolate cot, etc are some marvellous works of employees.
  • 83k bags of Mis Shapes chocolates are sold yearly.


  1. The purple color did cost the company a court trial by Nestle as Cadbury had protected Purple as trademark. In 2013, the Nestle won the trial.
  1. Chocolates:



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  1. Flake: Company developed this crumbliest flakiest chocolate in 1920.
  2. Fudge: Popularised by the ad ‘A finger of fudge is just enough to give your kids a treat’, Fudge became favourite among children.
  3. Aztec: Released in 1967, it is comprised of caramel and nougatine.
  4. In the same year, Toffee Buttons revolutionized the Cadbury sales.
  5. In 1970, appeared the chewy caramel covered milk chocolate, Curly Wurly.
  6. The toasted coconut milk chocolate bar, Boost Coconut came in 1985.
  7. Fuse: ‘Fuesday’, September 24, 1996, marked the release of the refreshed flavor in UK market.

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