Amazing facts about Red-Bull

Created in 1987, Red Bull GmbH, an Austrian company sells the world’s highest-selling energy drink Red Bull.5.96 billion cans were sold in 2015.


  1. History


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Back in 1976, Krating Daeng was introduced by the owner of T.C. Pharmaceutical, Chaleo Yoovidhya for the Thailand truck drivers and labourers. Dietrich Mateschitz travelled to Thailand in 1982 and met Chaleo. He discovered that Krating helped him cure jet lag.


  1. Origin

Mateschitz co-founded RedBull GmbH with Yoovidhya in 1984. Both of them invested $500,000, each holding 49% shares of the company. They mutually agreed that Mateschitz would run the company. In 1987, they launched the product in Austria.


  1. Red Bull Records


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It has its own record label headed by former Vice President at Atlantic Records.


  1. Wings for Life

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Red–Bull’s non-profit organisation aimed to support Spinal Cord Research. They use the ‘World Run’ event to cover the expenses of the organisation.


  1. Events:

Red Bull has a DIY human-powered plane contest called “Flugtag”

Teams fly self build planes launching them from a height of 20 feet. Creativity, distance before they crash in water and showmanship are the key points of judgement.


  • Red Bull Stratos

Pilot Felix Baumgartner of Austria jumps out from the capsule during the final manned flight for Red Bull Stratos in Roswell, New Mexico, USA on October 14, 2012. // Red Bull Stratos / Red Bull Content Pool // P-20121016-00084 // Usage for editorial use only // Please go to for further information. //

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Under this project, Felix Baumgartner along with an Austrian skydiver was sent 24 miles into the space. Going up in helium balloon, Felix was free falling on his way back and later deployed his parachute becoming the 1st to break sound barrier without engines.


The paper airplane tournament judges the contestants on 3 factors: longest airtime, distance and aerobatics.


  1. Red Bull cans are recyclable

It takes 95% lesser energy to recycle cans than to build new ones.


  1. F1 Success Story


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Having won both, the best driver and best team in 2012, the company has been immensely successful with F1 and owns 2 F1 teams today named Red Bull Racing and Scuderia Toro Rosso.


  1. Cocaine Controversy

It’s decocaineated cocoa leaves were questioned in 2009 and Germany banned it. But later it surfaced the water clean.

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