Amazing facts about Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Here are some interesting facts about the mesmerizing Andaman and Nicobar islands

1. History

Formerly, there existed colonial rule. At the time of WW2, forthwith Japanese took over and established trade over the island. Post independence, they were included in the 7 Union Territories of India.

2. Naming of Island

‘Andaman’ refers to deity Hanuman and correspondingly ‘Nicobar’ refers to ‘being the land of naked people’ in Malay language.

3. Must visit places in Andaman
(a) Portblair
  • Cellular Jail


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The cellular jail, more popularly known by the name ‘Kala Paani’, was a house to many activists in the colonial period. Now it is a tourist spot.

  • Ross Island – In the first place it was the headquarters of Britishers. Now they act as a nostalgic spot housing the remains of primitive times in museums.
  • Jolly Buoy Island-A pristine, alluring and inhabitant island. Plastic is banned here and one needs to carry all his stuff by himself here. Its beauty is sure to mesmerize the viewer.
(b) Radhanagar beach of Havelock Island


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The scenic curved land of white sands coupled with perfect blue waters provides serene calmness. It is ranked as the best beach of Asia and the 7th best beach of the world.

(c) Baratang islands and mud volcanoes 


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Diglipur and Baratang are the only 2 places of Andaman in India where one can see active mud volcanoes. Furthermore, Baratang islands are full of mangrove creeks and limestone caves.

4. Other interesting places to visit
  • Barren Island


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The inhabitant island is the only active volcanic spot of South Asia.

  • Elephant Beach

One can find himself surrounded by blue green waters and white sand. It is the best place to explore Coral Reefs in India.

5. Jarwa tribe resides here

They are less than 500 in number and do not believe in interacting with outsiders.

6. Home to largest sea turtles and largest arthropod


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Dermocheleys Coriacea,the largest sea turtles and Birgus Latro crabs, the largest arthropods reside here.

7. Commercial fishing is banned

This is a step taken to preserve the beauty and aquatic life of the islands.

8. A scene from Andaman & Nicobar islands is illustrated on the 20 Rupee note



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This beautiful scenery belongs to these islands.

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