The story of struggle behind Eminem’s success

Marshall Mathers, popularly known as Eminem, was born on October 17, 1972 in Missouri. An American rapper, actor and songwriter describe his vibrant persona coupled with being an inspiration.  Here are some amazing facts about Eminem:


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  1. His struggles have their seeds in his childhood

A child needs the love and care of both the parents. When Eminem was 6 months old, Marshall Bruce Mathers Jr.,his father divorced Deborah R. Nelson-Mathers, his mother. During his childhood he made many attempts to contact his father through letters. However, each one of them returned unread.

2.He scarcely had dear companions

Being a single parent, his mother could barely make both ends meet. She did not survive at a job more than 6-7 months. Due to this his life shuttled between Missouri and Michigan. In that case, he had to change schools twice or thrice yearly. Therefore, he never made great friends. Henceforth, he became shy and introvert.

3.When in 4th grade, bully caused him nearly fatal brain hemorrhage

He did rap about DeAngelo Bailey in the song “Brain Damage”. DeAngelo was accused of beating him to an extent which caused Eminem brain hemorrhage. He was in ‘coma’ for several months. Later DeAngelo sued him with $1 million lawsuit for making up wrong stories about him.


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4.He fell prey to drug overdose

He would have died in 2006 if a delay of 10 minutes had occurred on the way to hospital. Also to avoid the stress caused by his disturbing married life followed by divorce in 2000, he turned to the soothing effects of drugs and alcohol. He remarried Mathers in 2006 but divorced again several months later. It took him almost 20 painkillers per day to escape from the depression and to  recover he entered rehab. Later he marked his return in 2008 with an album Relapse.


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5.King of Awards

Life tested him severely but he did not break down. Correspondingly, he has 1 Academy award, 11 Grammy awards, 10 MTV Europe Music and 9 People’s Choice awards coupled with a lot of awards in his name.


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