The story of the eccentric founder of Virgin, Sir Richard Branson

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Born on 18 July 1950 Sir Richard Branson is a successful entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist. He founded the Virgin Group. Further it comprises about 400 companies. Let’s explore some more facts about this wonderful personality.

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  • He became an entrepreneur at a young age of 16

Shocking, isn’t it?  Prior to being a successful entrepreneur, he was average in studies. Eventually, he decided that school wasn’t meant for him and switched to business. Thereupon,he started his own magazine named ‘Student’ which had been a huge success.

Sir Richard Branson

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  • Failures have been a part of his life

Occasionally Virgin firms didn’t work as expected. Back then Virgin Brides and Virgin cars to name a few, failed terribly. Forthwith, he was close to being bankrupt. To save the Virgin Atlantic Airways, he sold Virgin Label at a quite negotiable price.

  • He is a dyslexic

He suffers from Dyslexia since his childhood and this made it difficult for him to concentrate. Consequently he could not perform well in his studies. But he used it as a boon and diverted all his energy towards raising his ‘Virgin’ company. Thus, turned into a successful entrepreneur.

Sir Richard Brason

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  • Sir Richard Branson has been knighted

Ultimately the hard-work paid off.  Charles, the Prince of Whales  knighted him on 30th March 2000 in the center of Buckingham Palace.

  • He is the owner of an island!!

Notably he owns an island named, ‘Necker’. In fact he bought it for $180,000. He uses it significantly to reside various rock stars and celebrities whom he could deal with for his record label. The island is situated in the Caribbean. By and large it is a scenic beauty which mesmerizes its visitors.

Sir Richard Branson's island

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  • How the name ‘Virgin’ came about?

Prior to starting his venture, there existed tough competition in market. He was new and inexperienced. Hence the name ‘Virgin’ termed up.

  • He plans to investigate in outer space:

He registered ‘Virgin Interplanetary’ as the name for his commercial space travel. Virgin Galactic works for the purpose of sending tourists to space through suborbital flights. It has more than 700 registered customers with advance deposits for spaceflights. Moreover $250,000 is the amount of one ticket.

Virgin Galactic works

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  • World record making machine

Altogether he set off the first hot air balloon ‘Virgin Atlantic Flyer’ to cross Atlantic in 1987. He continued it further by being the first to aboard the balloon altogether and cross the Pacific in 1991. He even became the oldest person to cross the English Channel with the most number of people on kite-board. Correspondingly, he also owns the record of having the most number of LinkedIn followers.

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  • He is the 5th richest person of the United Kingdom

His successful firms estimate a net worth of $5.1 Billion. Consequently, he has been ranked the 5th richest person of United Kingdom. Alongside he is also the 254th wealthiest person on globe.

  • He is a successful author too!!

He loves writing and his books are enough to showcase that to the world. Henceforth, he wrote some books on inspiration, business and life . Some were bestsellers like Losing my virginity and Business stripped bare.

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