Anil Gurav: A Promising Life Gone Awry

Around the same time when Sachin Tendulkar was prepping up to be a cricketing legend, another budding cricketer from the streets of Mumbai was being thrust into oblivion. An unfortunate turn of events signaled the death-knell of an exceptional pedigree, who was tipped to take the world of cricket by storm. Destiny, however, had scripted a bitter tale for Anil Gurav. From the coming-of-age cricketer to be a drunkard, Anil Gurav has lived through the days, tangled up in hardship and misery. Dooming him to be a talent gone waste, a spate of misfortunes meant that his cricketing aspirations never saw the light of the day.

Fall from the Dizzying Heights

Widely acclaimed as “Viv Richards of Mumbai” in his heyday,  Anil Gurav had stood as silent witness to his straining transition into the deep rut of ordeals. His brother Ajit was making his way into the Mumbai underbelly and his small, treasured world of cricket came tumbling down with it. Although his knocks at school-level were the prelude to many enviable conquests Gurav was primed to take in his colossal strides, relationship with one of the budding criminals of Mumbai meant that he found himself mired in future-threatening consequences.



His Relation with Sachin Tendulkar “God of Cricket”

Two populace initiated their career almost from the same place. They had the same first coach and those were the days when Sachin was junior of Anil and he use to learn techniques from him. Few must be aware of the fact that the bat with which Sachin made his first century was gifted by Anil. Gaze the similarity; both the cricket masters have a brother named ‘Ajit’.

However, how differently their lives have taken a twist; it is quite heartbreaking for Anil of course.




A Sorry Tale of a Batting Prowess

A guy of profuse talent which merited a well-deserved reward for his superior stock of repertoire, he fought tooth and nail and put it together against the misfortunes. The relationship with Ajit, however, held against it and he took the fall for his brother’s wrongdoings as he and his mother taken away to police stations for questioning about his whereabouts and often banged up there.



Until one day, however, an incident finally ruptured his association with the game and shattered his dreams he had always cherished. Currently, he takes up his abode under the cloistered settings of his Nalasopara shanty. This is, undoubtedly, a dispiriting tale of a promising life gone awry.




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