Real Wolf of Wall Street, 23 year old Indian earns 500 crores through fraud

Sagar Thakkar alias Shaggy is the mastermind behind one of the biggest scams in recent memory. This scam “The call center scam” has made him famous overnight. This man is responsible for robbing the US citizens from a call center in India. He and his entire team was working for more than a year and have cost US citizens 500cr. 772 employees are a part of this scam. 663 of which were released and 70 are still under arrest and are undergoing police investigation.


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Early life:

One of his close friends revealed that a year ago Sagar was very poor. He couldn’t even afford to pay the rent of the flat in which he was living with his mother. His family faced many financial crises and was being supported by his sister. Later on after starting this business he could afford anything. He used to come to office with his two bodyguards.

What was his business?

Sagar Thakkar is the master planner of multi-crore scam and he was not alone in this fraud. He had a team of highly expert individuals working under him. The organization used VoIP to place calls to the US citizens who owed tax money to the government. They used to demand money by calling American citizens by posing as tax officials. They used to rob money by preloaded cash card. He had a huge network from where he was getting all the information about all the victims. The team used to get the contact details of the citizens from the black market. According to an estimation, the contact data from the black market would have cost them 1 lakh per 10,000 contacts. Sagar was also running another business venture in Dubai but his main source of money was from his illegal racket.


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How much was Sagar Thakkar earning?

The scam is one of the biggest scams to take place as it involves loads of money. According to an estimation, he has almost robbed 500 crores INR from US Citizens and almost 1.5 crores INR a day which means he was earning 625000 INR per hour that will give you 10,416 INR per minute. That is a serious amount of money. He was getting almost 70% of the total earnings from his illegal racket while 30% of the total earnings was being paid to the employees. The employees were aware of the fact that it is a scam but no one spoke anything as they were being paid highly.

The extent of wealth he gathered:

Sagar Thakkar had gathered so much wealth that he gifted a brand new Audi R8, which he bought it from Virat Kohli for 2.5 crore rupees to his 21-year girlfriend. Suspects have told that he owned many top notch cars. He used to come office in the company of his two personal guards.  Sagar Thakkar’s masterplan took him to the heights of success.

The seriousness of the case:

This case has made its way to the international media and made him famous overnight. No one could have thought that a simple boy could have done something so big. Even Interpol, FBI and home security are also extending the radius of investigation. According to the reports,  Sagar Thakkar is in Dubai along with his sister and friend who are supporting him these days.


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Police and other agencies are seeking for the master planner of the entire game setup.  Here is a short video that sheds some light of this case.

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