5 Interesting Facts About India that Indians are Unaware of

The Undefeated Champions: Indian Kabaddi Team

It was only yesterday that the Indian Kabaddi team suffered a major upset. India started off their world cup campaign facing an untimely defeat against rivals South Korea. Many Indians are unaware of the fact that the Indian Kabaddi team has never lost a Kabaddi World Cup ever. Can the Indian players defend their title this year of will a new champion emerge?

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The Lone Voter

India is democratic country and the government holds its voters in the highest of regards. One such example of it is clearly evident in the name of Mahant Bharatdas Darshandas. You might not be aware of this fact but a poll booth is set-up exclusively for him. Every election year the poll booth allows him to cast his valuable vote.

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Monumental Tourist Visits

Vatican City in Rome receives over an average of 17000 tourists daily. Meaning a total number of approximately 6 million people a year. The Vatican comes closer to Mecca which addresses over 14 million pilgrims a year. However, there is an interesting fact which we Indians don’t know about. The Tirupati Balaji and Kashi Vishawanath Temple separately receive more tourists than either of Vatican or Mecca.

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Magnetic Hill

India truly houses some of the most amazing geographical locations. Leh Ladakh being one such. There is one enticing fact regarding it that we are unaware of.  Leh Ladakh boasts of a ‘gravity hill’ commonly known as Magnetic Hill.  The terrain of the Magnetic Hill creates an optical illusion. It feels as if the downhill road is actually the uphill road.

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Tax – A Myth

Are you one of those people with undeclared income? If yes, then I suggest that you file the same with the government. There is one compelling fact about the tax in our country.  As Indians we are totally unaware about it.  From a population of 1.26 billion only a meager 3% pay taxes. Now you know how deep tax invasion runs deep within our nation.

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