The story of the Masala King, MDH

Ever wondered who is that old man whose pictures can be found on every pack of MDH Masala? Only a handful of people know what that face represents. He is none other than the founder of one of India’s biggest brand of spices from whom the name of MDH Masala itself is derived, Mahashian Di Hatti

Origin and History

Though 27 March, 1973 isn’t a national holiday but it still carries a paramount significance. For it marked the birth of  a man who would later come to be known as ‘The Masala King’ . Owing to a staunch religiously-minded family,  Mahashay Dharampal Gulati was a philanthropist from his early days. Completing his school post the fifth class he joined his father in setting up small time businesses. But his voracious hunger for success wasn’t matched by these small time establishments. And thereby began the journey of a man to establish a legacy.



A Path Marked By Grit And Struggle

Arriving with only a meagre sum of Rs.1500 after being labelled as a refugee,  Mahashay Dharampal Gulati invested 45% of his money to buy a tonga (horse-drawn carriage) earning only as little as two aanas. On top of it he often had to face slander and insult. Driven by self-respect and a challenge to prove his mettle this refugee hailing from Sialkot, Pakistan he bought a small shop and began selling masalas and spices known as ‘Deggi Mirch Wale’   



Contributions to Society

Not only is the tale of this regal business entrepreneur inspiring and motivating but it also teaches us a valuable lesson. Success doesn’t often come easy and it is necessary for an individual to give back to society. He has actively contributed by setting up a hospital in Arya Samaj, Subhash Nagar, Delhi. He has also built as many as 20 schools and international education institutes such as Mahashay Chunnilal Saraswati Shishu Mandir, Mata Leela Wati Kanya Vidhayala and Mahashay Dharmpal Vidhya Mandir for poor and underprivileged. Simplicity is the best beauty and it stands true for this man who virtue and philosophy revolve around, ‘Give to the world the best you can, and the best will come back to you automatically’




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