The heroic Indian American billionaire you may not know

Manoj Bhargava is an Indian American. He is the founder of 5-Hour Energy who came to America in 1967. Manoj moved back to India and lived in the mountains for 12 years. He started a successful career there. First of all venture of energy shots. His two-ounce caffeine and vitamin elixir formula made a huge impact on the market and claims 90% share in energy shot section. He is one of the richest people of Asia with a staggering net worth of $4 billion.

Unlike others, he is not just spending money on luxuries of the world. He is consuming his money in the benefit of human race. Here are some of the following things that make him a real life hero.

His laboratory has invented the Free Electricity:



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His labs are working for human resources day and night. It has been a long road for him.  He is forging the way for others. His labs have invented a very wonderful device. The device is basically a hybrid bicycle machine that produces 24 hours of electrical energy. It is called the free electric. It helps the poor and is also used in the natural disaster stricken areas of the globe.

Developing a cable that saves the planet:

This cable known as graphene is lighter as compared to the air is stronger than the steel. It is being tested and will be used to absorb heat from the core of the planet. Dispose of it in the space without any consequences. It will be the greatest invention because it will extract heat from the core. That heat will produce electricity.


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The rainmaker:

It is a device that can purify water. In flood-stricken areas or the areas where pure water is unavailable this device can purify water. Most of all device can purify 1000 gallons of salt water into pure water. It is one of the most important devices made by his laboratories.


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He has pledged 99% of wealth to charity:

Manoj has devoted his 99% wealth to charity and research. It’s mind blowing that after giving 99% of wealth to a charity he can still have $40 million.


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This video is on this great man. The video explains his journey to change the world.


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