Secret behind five world famous logos

Every person has a story. Every success has a story. Everything has its story and even the world famous logos have been designed with a purpose. They have a big story behind them. In our lives, we haven’t thought about this but I guess it’s the time that we do some digging and find out what is the reason behind the biggest franchises of this planet.

Here are some famous logos that have a reason behind them.



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The logo of Toyota has a very deep meaning. The oval shaped objects, in the beginning, is the philosophy of Toyota.

The three eclipses have a symbolic meaning, the first one is the heart of the customer, the second is the product and the third one is the progress in the field of technology.

  • McDonald’s
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  • McDonald’s wanted to change the logo back in 60’s but their design consultant forbade them to do so. He said changing the color of the logo will let people unconsciously recognize the “M” as a pair of breasts and today Mc Donald’s logo is worldwide famous.

  • Amazon:65432Image source:
  • When you look at amazon logo the special thing you find is a brown arrow which is hitting “z” and looks like a smiling face. Well here is a fact. The arrow originates from “a” and hits “z” it shows amazon provides each and everything that comes between A-Z.
  • Tour De France:


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It is the most famous bicycle race that is held on yearly basis in France and the best cyclist across the globe ride for supremacy but if you closely look at the symbol “R” it will reveal that it is a person who is riding a bicycle.



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In 2008 Pepsi paid 1M for a new logo and then Pepsi spent millions on rebranding each thing. It has been revealed that Pepsi’s new logo is a Da Vinci Code that draws theory of relativity and is the key to Milky way.







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