Four restricted areas on the planet that you cannot visit

If you are an explorer and claim that you have seen the whole world then simply you are a liar. Because in this world, there are some places that are not possible to visit. Some places that are under strict security surveillance. No man on the planet other than the authorized personals are allowed to visit.

Some of the most restricted areas are as follows:

 Room 39:

  • Room 39 is the biggest and the most restricted area of North Korea. As no one really knows what is in there.
  • Some say it has one of strongest world powers operating there with a fund of $5 billion.
  •  The production of drugs and copying of world’s currency is taking place there.
  • A theory is popular that Kim Jong-un receives funds from there that he invests on his nuclear projects.
  • It is estimated that North Korea makes $500 million to $1 billion annually from its illegal criminal activities like drugs production and weapons sale.


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2) Bohemian Grove:

  • Bohemian Grove is  one of the most controversial areas to go on.
  • It has an area of 2700 acre of land where the richest and the most powerful go to have fun and relaxation.
  •  The 1942 atomic bomb development was  a result of a discussion in the grove.
  • There are about 1500 secret members and their membership is  a secret. The members are Hollywood stars, musicians, politicians, businessmen, and oil barons.
  • The club is purely for males and even the queen of England cannot join the club. If you want to apply you will have to wait as the list is 33 years long.


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3) Svalbard Global Seed Vault:


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  • The main purpose of the vault was to store seeds
  • The vault contains 250 million crop seeds and the net worth of the place is $9 million.
  •  Its design is like a copper mine.
  • The seeds are safe inside the blast-proof doors and airlocks. These protections enable them to survive natural or man-made disasters.

It has one meter thick concrete walls and all the security in the world. You cannot enter there if you are not a food expert or a very special person which makes it one of the most restricted areas.



4) Area 51:

  • Area 51 is one of the most controversial places on the planet. It has always inspired the X-files fans but it is one of the world’s most restricted areas.
  •  The world’s deadliest weapons, missiles, and air crafts are hidden there.
  • Some say that there are top secret researches going on in there like alien technology and alien conspiracies.
  • Air crafts and airplanes cannot fly over the Area 51. Not even the president of the United States can enter without authorization.


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Here is a video that will reveal the fact that everyone should know about area 51.

This video shows how restricted this area is.

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