Things you don’t know about BMW

BMW is a German automobile company that was founded back in 1916. It is one of the most popular automobile manufacturers and is also the best-selling automakers on the globe. Here are some of the facts about BMW that people don’t know.

  • They built their first ever Lamborghini:

The BMW “M” car was to be a Lamborghini. The agreement between them and Lambo was signed in 1970. They put forward the engine  while Lambo designs the body. The agreement couldn’t take at the last moment by Lambo due to financial issues and then they made their own Lamborghini.


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BMW almost became Mercedes back in 1959:

 Due to cold war the company was at the peak of bankruptcy. Seeing all this Mercedes attempted a hostile takeover attempt. They survived that attempt and found themselves an investor. The investor saved the company and due to all this the rivalry between Mercedes and BMW last till today.


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The company also designs plane and train interiors:

The company also made its name in designing the interior of planes and trains. They are experts in designing the interior of the airplanes. They also make Rolls Royce.


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Their headquarter is like the cylinders of engine:

The design of headquarter is very popular but very few people know the reason for this design. They have made the design of their headquarters like the cylinders of the engine.

The design came from Austrian architecture professor.


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They made the World’s fastest bike:

They made the first fastest bike of the earth that could touch the maximum speed of 278km/hr. The motorcycle is a death trap.

In 1937 on its test it could  touch the top speed of 173.7 mph.


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Car for the poor:

In 1955 they launched a car for the poor masses, the BMW Isetta: The Isetta was a licensed design from Iso Rivolta in Italy. The front door opens the door of a refrigerator. This idea may not be too far off for Iso Rivolta because the company also used to make cooling systems.

The  Isetta was powered by an air-cooled one cylinder 250 cc engine from a motorbike. It looks as if it has only three wheels, but in fact, there are four of them.


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 A car James Bond:

In the late 90’s, the company signed a contract with MGM for the appearance of the brand new  Z8 as Bond car in the movie “The Word Is Not Enough”, starring Pierce Brosnan as James Bond.

The car used in the film was not a  Z8, but it was a mock-up, based on a Chevrolet Corvette chassis. It is said that this was necessary, because they could not deliver any completed Z8, the production was delayed.


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The video shows the facts that are unknown to you. It shows what it is and why is they are at the top till today.

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