From raising cattle to getting a bronze medal in Rio Paralympic Games 2016,Henry Kiprona Kirwa Is More Than An Inspiration

There are many people that inspire a generation and motivate them to be better. Today, we tell you about such an athlete named Henry Kiprona Kirwa.

About Henry Kiprona Kirwa

Having eye problems from birth which got worse after his sixth grade, Henry Kiprona Kirwa left school in early age. The school of his small, rural hometown doesn’t had the means to help him when he needed it the most. Regarded out of the cast by many. Kirwa grew wheat, corn and raised cattle in along with his parents in their small farm. He was surrounded with poverty and disability but his life came to a halt after becoming blind.


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He started to follow a group of local runners as there was nothing to do. It became his daily routine to follow runners. His older brother Paul Tergat started training him. He made Henry to reach at the potential that can a marvel a distance runner.

What He Achieved With His Talent

In 2007, Kirwa competed for the first time in All-Africa Games. He showed his full sprint that helped him earn gold and silver medals.  He selected for the World Athletics Championships for the Blind in Brazil along with others. As the lone Kenyan in the games, he found the perfect coach for the training.


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Henry Kirwa knows what it is like to a disabled child and outsider in school. It made him to gave his prize money away to aid the disabled children for their schooling.

It is his hard work and determination that helped him to win a bronze medal in the 1,500 meters.  He outran the Rio Olympics 2016 gold winner.



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Blindness in no obstacle to Henry Kiprona Kirwa’s success. Training is not easy and with the struggles he found this position.


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