The story behind double amputee Paralympian Suyash Jadhav

2016 Summer Paralympics are currently ongoing and all the Indian athletes are showing off their talent in front of the whole world, showing that they are not less than normal people. Let’s talk about India’s double amputee Paralympian Suyash Jadhav.

About Suyash Jadhav:

Suyash Jadhav’s father is a national level swimmer and always wanted that his son should be like him and even better than his achievements. Born in Solapur, Maharashtra, Suyash started swimming in his young age.


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But, fate decided something else for him, as a tragedy struck him when was in Class 6, he accidentally electrocuted by an unprotected wiring and suffered serious injuries in his upper limbs. Both the arms of Suyash had to be amputated and he was in a hospital bed for six months after this. Despite losing his arms, his love towards swimming didn’t give up, with the encouragement of his coach to continue his training and family support, he resumed swimming in 2007.


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About his Achievements:

While training at Deccan Gymkhana of Pune, Suyash Jadhav participated in meets to gain prominence in the sport. The athlete proved his dominance and his promise towards the sports by winning silver and bronze medal at the 2015 IWAS World Games held at Sochi in Russia.

He also grasped four medals at the 2015 Winter Open Polish Championship, which continued at German swimming championship in January where he won three medals.


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He learnt swimming with his arms which is difficult and way different from the traditional swimming. His determination and daily tough training made him qualify for the Rio Olympics 2016. It will be shock to you that he is the first Indian Para swimmer to register the ‘A’ qualifying mark for the event.

The swimmer in him awakened when his family visited a shrine. He states that my parents were inside the shrine and I was in the care of my uncle. I wanted to dive into the temple tank and swim, but he dissuaded me. But I nevertheless jumped in and swam with ease. Thereafter life had been one long beautiful journey.


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With his courage and hard work he has reached the current platform.  He is now showing the world that despite losing both arms he is a great swimmer.

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