Story behind 19 year old Olympic winner Katie Ledecky

Katie Ledecky is a 19 years old professional swimmer who defined the word “athlete” by her remarkable display in sports entertainment is one of America’s representative in 2016 Rio Olympics and she hasn’t disappointed her country but she has added 4 medals in  her country’s quest for glory till yet. She has been phenomenal throughout the entire tournament and has been an inspiration for many.


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As far as the Olympics is concerned Katie Ledecky had one of the most astonishing debut’s in Olympics history by winning a gold medal in 800 meters freestyle swimming and showed the world that a  star has born. Since then she is on an incredible roll by winning a total of 19 medals among them 18 are gold and 1 silver and due to these mind shattering achievements she stands tall as one of the Greatest Olympians of her era.


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Apart from Olympics, Katie Ledecky has her name in world record books in following categories.

  • 400,800 and 1500 meter freestyle.
  • She also holds different records in fastest times in 500, 1000 and 1650 yard free style.

Apart from these records the one major that defines her career are

  • A nine-time world champion.
  • World swimmer of the year 2013,2014,2015
  • She won 7 gold medals in Aquatics Championship that is a record in women Source:
  • Youngest person to feature in Time magazine’s top 100 list.  Screenshot (75)Image Source:imrs    Image Source:            

Washington D.C born Ledecky started swimming at the age of 6, the age in which children play in tree houses she made water her friend and waves her true companion.

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Katie Ledecky was a born swimmer and she proved that by making a quick impact in high school competitions. She was the holder of Stone Ridge at the end of her high school career.


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Katie Ledecky is on this stage due to sheer will and strong heart. Earlier in her swimming career she tested herself through a special test to measure an athlete’s physical and mental strength and attributes. The result was extremely shocking. She was told that with small hands, average-sized feet and a height of 6ft she was nothing extra-ordinary. No one ever thought that this normal girl would one day dominate the women’s swimming world.

She struggled very hard to prove her critics wrong.

She was only 14 years old, she used to wake up at 3:45 am twice a week to train in the early morning. Due to her continuous struggle and hard work she proved that the normal person can dominate an entire generation by sheer will and commitment.

Katie at a pool on Coronado Island, CA in 2006 (age 9)


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Her sheer will and strong determination lead her towards the glory. Katie Ledecky is still going good and is at the peak of her physical shape, still going on with full power and is not showing any signs of slowing down. Seeing her proves one thing for sure that there are many more things to come in her career and there are still many more years left of her dominance. She is an inspiration for many and is truly one of the greatest of all time.

At such a young age she has accomplished so much that other athletes could never imagine. A nine time world champion at age of 19 shows the caliber of her physical abilities and by looking at her it seems that she is just starting up. She has many more years left in her and a lot of fuel in her tank and seems the way she is thrusting in international competitions there is much more to come in her amazing career.

Her enthusiasm can be clearly observed in the video that is her interview before Rio Olympics as she has shown tremendous confidence and has shown full intentions of stealing the show this year.

Katie Ledecky Rio Olympics Interview

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List of her international achievements:

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