Behind the success of 19 years old Olympic Gold winner Simone Biles

Simone Biles is a nineteen years old American gymnast. A girl at such a young age has a career full of illustrious achievements. The achievements many athletes can only dream of. She is representing her country in 2016 Rio Olympics and she a contributed a lot in taking her country at the top of medal charts by winning two gold medals. She has been in stunning form in this year’s Olympics and showed a very strong character.Screenshot (82)

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She has a long list of achievements that are enough to stun one’s mind. Her latest achievement is that she won a gold medal in Rio Olympics in individual all-round.

Some of her achievements are:

  • She is a three time all-round world champion first and the only woman to win three straight world championships(2013-2016)14858532Image Source:
    • A three time world floor champion. (2013-2015134773147_14464322370871nImage Source:
      • A winner of united states national all-round  4 times(2013-2016)8776Image Source:
      • A 2015 world gymnastics champion.14858532

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    • She is one of the most skilled and decorated gymnast in World history as she has won total of fourteen medals out of which ten are gold.Her so much accomplishments at such a very young age of 19 makes her the most skilled gymnast in world women all-round history.tumblr_ny68w5z6yO1rjwcn7o1_500Image Source:
    • Ohio-born Simone was born on March 14, 1997. Due to her mother’s drug addiction issues she could not take care of her and she was soon in the custody of her father and step mother. She graduated in 2015.She started gymnastics at the age of six and continued to do so on the suggestion of her instructors.
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    • She came so far since then but her story is full of hard work and motivation. She used to train 32 hours a week. Due to hard continuous hard work, sheer will and commitment she was selected in United States nation junior team. She competed in 2013 Secret U.S Classic but she performed poor in that tournament but she never gave up she improved herself and came back at 2013 P&G Championship as was crowned national all-rounder. Due to her achievements she was invited to the qualifying camp for World Gymnastics championship and was selected in team.She is a humble person and in the beginning of each year she writes her goals in a book, so that she can remain focused and that helps her a lot in her efforts. In the beginning of 2014 she suffered shoulder causing her to miss most part of 2014 but she returned at Secret U.S Classic and won the title proving that her abilities are polishing day by day and she went of winning tournaments and finally the day came when she claimed the Olympic gold.Here is the list of her achievementsScreenshot (77)The achievements came at a very young age of 19 and the way she is performing she is showing no signs of slowing down.It seems that she has just started her career and it’s just the beginning and she has much to achieve yet.Simone Biles discusses her goals and achievements in the video and its inspiration and makes clear why she is the BEST.

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