Omega2, the ultimate $5 IoT device


Though Rasberry Pi and Arduino have reduced the entry barrier for the maker community but it is still a little bit expensive and you need to go through a lot of documentation before you actually start building DIY projects, according to Onion, the company which manufactures Omega2.

How did Onion Omega come about?

The founders of Onion were trying to build a DIY project that would print the notes they made on the app Evernote using Arduino and ethernet shield but were having small issues with it. They faced some problems like:
1) They were not could with C/C++ (which is used in Arduino) as they were web developers.
2) A lot of knowledge regarding Arduino and its documentation is required.
3) It was difficult for the Arduino to be integrated with Evernote.
These were the problems, they sought to solve by building Omega.
For 5$, Omega2 is one of the most powerful devices for the DIY community.
The 5$ Omega2 with built in wifi  and can run Linux on it.
The Omega2 comes in 3 variants as shown below:
It will have its own App store with inbuilt apps like calculator etc that can be used to interact with Omega2. Developers can also built there own apps.
It supports most of the popular programming languages like C++,python,php,node js etc.
 A lot of interesting projects can be built like home automation, robotics, networking stuff.
They also have a lot of cool add on stuff like expansion dock, mini dock, power dock, OLED expansion (each costs 15$). Many other add on stuffs are also there like GPS expansion, Bluetooth expansion and several third party expansions like temperature sensors, current monitoring controller etc
Omega2 has got more than $60000 funds by 1700 backers in the last few days on Kickstarter. The project is live till August 24, 2016. So all the DIY enthusiasts and makers check out the project on Kickstarter here:
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